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Unit Dose Packaging Machines designed specifically for
pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and repackaging companies.


Flexible Blister Machines - FBM-1

We have taken a fresh look at this well recognized packaging technology and developed a cost-effective product line to meet your stringent thermoforming, filling, and sealing requirements.

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Examples of PakPoucher packaging

The PakPoucher™ is a flexible machine for flexible packaging. One PakPoucher™ can be run either as a horizontal (shown here) or a vertical packaging machine, allowing for optimal product delivery into the package.

See how our products can work for you.

Your Answer to Medical Packaging Needs
As cited in Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News, the packaging magazine for the healthcare industry, drug maker's packaging production managers and engineers are looking for flexible equipment with easy changeovers, easy cleaning, minimal maintenance, and very high OEE or overall equipment effectiveness. PIA-K Enterprises has developed a complete line of flexible, modular, and scalable equipment to meet today's stringent packaging requirements.  In addition, several models are priced well below $100,000.

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